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Closing the gap: tackling the impact of social deprivation on learning

During the Autumn 2013 term, DAPH launched this joint initiative with The Learning Institute and encouraged schools to become involved with this innovative and exciting piece of work.  This school based research project is based on Sutton Trust research into low cost, high impact interventions for pupils from a disadvantaged background.  This research indicates the value of focusing on feedback and meta-cognition.  The study is based on the hypothesis that pupils who under-perform in literacy in primary school, and who suffer a further drop performance on transition to secondary share certain characteristics which include limitations in their ability to direct their own improvement.

Metacognitive strategies are teaching approaches which make the pupils’ thinking, knowledge and control of the processes of learning more explicit in the classroom (Higgins et al 2011). This can be through teaching pupils strategies for planning, monitoring and evaluating their learning as part of which they should be able to recognise and reconstruct existing ideas (Georghiades 2004).

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