The Executive Committee represent DAPH on various Local Authority working groups and report back on issues that are pertinent to the primary phase. In our role we also sit on Devon’s Education Forum, which reviews and agrees the distribution and commissioning of services from the Dedicated Schools’ Grant. It is this working relationship with the Local Authority that enables DAPH to influence and shape decisions being taken in the best interests of all children.

Our association is committed to partnership working and good communication is the key to achieving this outcome.  To be most effective this should be a two way process and in addition to reporting back on outcomes from LA meetings, we regularly consult with members to gauge opinion and actively encourage constructive feedback on matters affecting schools.

Whenever revisions of the local formula for funding schools occur, new methods of commissioning or the review of central Dedicated Schools’ Grant expenditure, DAPH representatives rely heavily on hearing schools views. It is only through consultation responses, letters, e-mails, talking to colleagues and discussions at briefings that we can really represent what schools think and want.